Sixth Form Team

Please contact us with any concerns or questions.

  • Our Team
    • Head of Sixth Form
      Steve Farr
    • Mrs Harris
      Asst. Head 6th Form
      Louise Harris
      Head of Year 12
    • Mrs Rogers
      Head of Year 13
      Holly Rogers
      History & Politics
    • Mr Gann
      HEI Co-ordinator
      Frank Gann
      German & Higher Education Ins.
    • Senior Administrator
      Suzannah Dougherty
    • Mrs Vinton
      Student Support
      Heidi Vinton
      Pastoral Support
    • Mrs Elder
      Attendance Officer
      Jayne Elder
      Study Support
    • Student Support
      Zara Bhambra
    • Administrator
      Kristy Kitchen
      Receptionist & Communications Officer