Applying to Marling Sixth Form - September 2023

Applications for Marling 6th Form for September 2023 closed on 17th February. If you have submitted an application, we will be contacting you shortly to arrange an information, advice and guidance meeting to discuss your subject choices and make sure they support your future plans. The meeting will be during the week commencing 20th March.

Chat to Marling Sixth Formers

This section is to help you find out about life at Marling Sixth Form. Scroll through the profiles below to read about and contact individual students.
  • Hi, my name is Jasmine, and I am one of the Head Students. The main objective of my role is to encourage student participation in activities across the school, which includes running the Student Led Tutor Time programme, and being deputy chair of the student council. I am studying Sociology, Psychology, English Literature, and a Breadth option in EPQ, in which I am writing a report on the subject ‘Can stereo-types influence sentencing within Court?’. In my time as head student, I hope to continue to keep the school as diverse and accepting as it can be and strive towards encouraging students to get involved, increasing personal development and growth. So far this year, I have been a part of the girls’ football team in school, as well as playing for a team outside, and have attended chess club. After leaving Marling School, I hope to go on to study Law at University, and eventually work towards becoming a barrister in the future. If you have any questions, ask me at
  • I’m Giovanni and I’m one of the Head Students, focusing on Student Voice. As part of this role I am Chair of the Student Council. I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and History.  My main aims in this role are to make sure Marling students’ voices are not only heard but listened to, and to do what I can to make positive change happen. I’m really hoping to make Marling thrive as a community. I’m fascinated by the sciences, so am a member of both Chemistry Society and Dissection Club, but I also enjoy humanities-based activities such as Model UN. When I leave Marling, I hope to study law and become a criminal barrister as I am interested in the role of the justice system in our lives. Please send any questions you may have to:
  • Hi, I’m Chandra and I am Deputy Head of Student Engagement. I currently study French, History, English Literature and EPQ as my breadth option. I hope that I can help make every student become an active member in the Marling community, so as part of my role, I help run student-led tutor times and provide opportunities that give every student a chance to express their voice and create an environment in which they will grow. At Marling I take part in the Mentoring and Coaching Programme, the early applicant group, the sign language course, and I am a language ambassador. Outside of school I enjoy playing the piano and I am on the forum for the young carers’ charity. After A Levels, I hope to study languages and history at university. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send them to:
  • I’m Oliver and am Deputy Head of Culture and Inclusion. I am currently studying English Literature, History, Politics and a breadth option in Creative Writing. During my time as Head of Culture and Inclusion, I hope to encourage acceptance and celebration of all cultures, religions, races, genders and backgrounds and to create thriving place of education where every student feels that they are spoken for. Originating from a mixed ethnic minority background myself, I believe that all individuals should have the confidence to express their identity without the fear of judgement or the denial of equal opportunity. I currently partake in a range of extracurricular activities, some of which include The Early Applicant Support Group, Model UN, football and the Law Society, which I chair. In the future, I plan on studying a degree in law as I have always taken an interest in its intricacies and thoroughly enjoy reading. If you have any questions, ask me at
  • Hi I’m Josh - Deputy Head Student of Environment and I’m studying Physics, Computing, Maths and Further Maths. I am working with the Eco Committee to improve the school’s response to climate change and other environmental issues we face. One thing we are focusing on is developing a more sustainable culture within the school. I enjoy chess club and in my own time playing the piano and rifle shooting. After leaving Marling I plan to study Physics at University. Please send any questions you may have to:
  • Hi I’m Maggie and I study Physics, English Literature and History. My main role is to organise and promote charity events. I hope to work and collaborate with the students as I believe it is vital to have student input on ideas in order to maximise involvement with these events and emphasise the importance of getting involved. Additionally, my goal is to use this role to bring attention to important issues through the events we hold and charities we support. After finishing my A Levels, I plan to take a year out to spend time travelling round either Europe or South America before I go to university to hopefully study Architecture as I am interested in changing the way council housing is built in the UK. I’m involved with the school production; early applicants support group and foreign film club which have all helped in building my confidence. Outside of school I play piano and bass guitar and I hope to continue developing my musical skills. If you have any questions, ask me at
  • I’m Freya and I’m a Deputy Head student on the Outreach and Marketing Team. My role is to help promote Marling Sixth Form to new students, including helping out at internal and external Sixth Form events. While doing this, I hope to play a part in ensuring that Marling is a safe and welcoming environment to introduce new students to. I am currently studying Biology, Psychology, English Literature, and alongside this, I attend Dissection Club. I also do dance outside of the school. Once I have left Sixth Form, I would like to study law either in an apprenticeship or at university.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send them to:
  • Hello, My name is Charlotte and I’m a Deputy Head student on the Outreach and Marketing Team. I am studying Maths, Economics and Business. During my time at Marling I wish to use modern technology and communication platforms in order to relay important messages to all students as well as highlight events and opportunities. My role will also include working alongside Freya to reach prospective students and welcome them to our Sixth Form. Looking beyond Sixth Form, I hope to begin an Apprenticeship within the Finance Industry - more specifically focusing on Actuarial roles or Accountancy. However, for the present moment, I am looking forward to working with the Sixth Form Leadership team and my fellow peers in order to improve students’ experiences at Marling. If you have any questions, ask me at
  • Hi I’m Tom and I’m Deputy Head of Coaching and Mentoring. I’ve been at Marling for six years and am currently studying Maths, Physics, Biology and DofE. Over the next year I hope to push the Coaching and Mentoring Programmes to new levels through things such as working alongside individual year groups in order to tailor the support available to best help them. On top of the Coaching and Mentoring Programme, I also participate in the student led tutor time sessions as well as running KS3 Maths support groups on Fridays. In the future I hope to study Motorsport Engineering at Loughborough University and work in Formula 1. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send them to:
  • Hello I am Takara and I am the Deputy Head of Wellbeing. My role is to help the wellbeing of the pupils of Marling School by working with my peers and teachers. I am currently studying Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and an EPQ. While holding this position, I hope to increase the communication between students and teachers on the subject of mental health. At this moment in time, I am working with Mr Smith to improve the Hub Rooms and with Mr Wilson to help educate the students on mental health via school assemblies. In the future, I am hoping to continue my study in scientific knowledge at university, and I am currently taking part in Access to Bristol. In my free time, I play the violin in the school orchestra, and I also helped to found the Sixth Form Chess Club. As a member of the School Council and the Leadership Team, I work closely with both pupils and members of staff to improve Marling School.

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Transition Work
The summer work booklet - below - provides scholarship tasks to help with your transition to A Level work. Some of the tasks are required, while others are provided to give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills before beginning your Y12 study.